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Explore Forest Insect and Disease Conditions in the United States using Forest Health Protection Mapping and Reporting Tools.



Welcome to the US Forest Service, forest insect and disease reporting portal. The applications below access a myriad of state, county and local level forest insect and disease conditions data. In addition we offer a window into near real time forest disturbance information collected from space. Data input applications are restricted to cooperators with specific training and expertise. If you need access to an application not listed below please contact us.

Forest Pest Conditions

View Pest Conditions

Forest Pest Conditions
Explore county level maps of major forest insect and disease conditions throughout the United States.

Data Summaries Image

View Data Summaries

Data Summaries
Review, query, and download tables with acre summaries from the Insect and Disease Survey (IDS) database.

IDS Explorer Image


IDS Explorer
The IDS Explorer application has been retired for now but the IDS Data is available for download. View IDS Data

Alien Forest Pest Explorer Image

Search reports for Alien Forest Pests

AFPE Database
Track state and county level reports of non-native forest insect and diseases.

Forest Disturbance Monitor

View Forest Disturbance

Forest Disturbance Monitor
View, threshold, and download recent forest disturbance maps for use in targeted detection of forest insects and disease.

Soil Drainage Index and Productivity Index

Explore Drainage Index and Productivity Index

Soil Drainage Index and Productivity Index
Identify soil wetness and productivity as a potential indicator of tree stress and thus risk to various forest insects and diseases.

National Insect & Disease Risk Map

View 2013-2027 Risk Map

National Insect & Disease Risk Map
View layers from the National Insect and Disease Risk Map (NIDRM); an assessment of the potential hazard for tree mortality from major forest insects and diseases.

National Atlas for Individual Tree Species

View Pest Host Maps

Individual Tree Species Parameter Maps
View individual tree species parameter layers that were generated for use as base data for the NIDRM 2013-2027 product.

Forest Health Advisory System

Explore Forest Health

Forest Health Advisory System
Start exploring forest health in places of interest to you such as National Forests and Parks, Tribal Lands, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife units.

Early Detection Rapid Response

View Early Detection Rapid Response

Early Detection Rapid Response
Create, edit and query the (EDRR) database which is designed to detect non-native bark and ambrosia beetles.