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Non-native bark and ambrosia beetles are a serious threat to our nation’s urban and rural forests. In 2007, Forest Health Protection began implementation of an early detection and rapid response project for non-native bark and ambrosia beetles. An Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) Team (consisting of Forest Service, APHIS, university and state representatives) has developed a framework for implementing a national, interagency detection, monitoring, and response system for these insects. This framework involves the cooperation of state partners, regional taxonomists and regional Forest Service staff. Participating states will be responsible for following project protocols with funding from the Forest Service.

The goals of the national EDRR project are:

  • Detect, delimit and monitor newly introduced exotic bark and ambrosia beetles at selected high-risk forest areas
  • Quickly assess and respond to newly detected infestations

Please send comments or questions to Bob Rabaglia at brabaglia@fs.fed.us. Thank you!